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Why use an Invoice Factoring Broker?

If you are struggling to locate an invoice factoring company that can fulfill your company needs and the specific requirements of your industry, an experienced factoring broker can help.

A broker will work on your behalf to facilitate the sale of your accounts receivable to a factoring company. The process is straightforward, but brokers frequently have industry specific knowledge, which can obviously be an advantage when you are not sure exactly which invoice financing company to choose from the large number of possibilities.

No additional cost

A major concern with using a factoring broker is that it could end up costing money. The reality is that the broker is paid from the fees the factoring company collects from you, so it costs the same whether you use a broker or not. Since it will not cost you any additional money, it makes sense to take advantage of a service that can help point you in the right direction when it comes to factoring.


The relationship between your company and the invoice factoring company is extremely important. Of course, not all invoice factoring companies are the same. Since you will be relying on them to support your company financially by regularly advancing payment on your invoices, the choice you make is very important. Using a broker with industry specific knowledge, and established relationships with proven and well-vetted factoring companies will provide the reliability you are seeking.

Save Time

Why spend valuable time hunting for the right invoice financing company when a broker can quickly present you with the best fit. Not only can you save valuable time finding the right factor, a broker knows the right questions to ask and can quickly guide you through the factoring process.

Professional Advice

An experienced factoring broker will understand the terms, factoring volumes, and fee structures of each factoring company and will be able to clearly explain how the system works. Once you have established a good fit you still need to qualify for funding, and a broker will help you present your company in a way that will be most beneficial to receive the best rate.

Webb Capital & Consulting works with a select network of invoice factoring funders that offer the correct programs for our clients. We hold our funding network to a very high level of scrutiny. They must meet very high standards and we have in the past and will continue to eliminate relationships with any lending partner that does not meet our customer-focused mission. Being a broker allows us to offer many different lending options, each one designed for our business owners' specific and individual needs. Contact us

for additional information.

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