• Dave Webb

12 Social Media Ideas for Contractors

If your construction company is not on instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, or youtube, you are missing out on free publicity and marketing. Here are some ideas to generate interest in your business:

1. A Day In The Field:

People love to see what goes on during a construction project. Post a picture of your crew tackling the task at hand.

2. Show Progress

Don’t just show touched up images of a project once it’s complete, show your followers the steps it takes to get there. Progress is fun to watch and keeps viewers engaged in your company.

3. Family Photos:

Photos of your team with their families are some of the most engaged posts that businesses share. Showing the people behind your brand and their lives outside of work gives your current and past clients insight into your business!

4. Shout Out To A Sub:

Show your subcontractors, manufacturers or vendors that you care about them too! Anytime you show people in your digital marketing, you help humanize your brand!

5. Share Party Pics

Take some photos at your next office party and share them with your followers. It’s great for past, current and future clients to gain an understanding into your company culture.

6. Behind The Scenes Photo:

Post a picture of your office staff collaborating or even your new order of construction supplies making it to your yard.

7. Give Industry Insight:

If you want your past, current and future clients to view you as the expert in the industry, you better act like it. Consistently posting industry insights with great graphics or imagery shows your followers that you know your stuff.

8. Offer Detail Videos of A Trade:

Whether you’re mason, electrician, or general contractor, posting a detailed insight into the tricks of the trade is always a hit.

9. Share A Comical GIF:

When others laugh, you develop relationships. Blaming the construction manager for a flue pipe penetrating the boss’s office is a quick winner.

10. Show A Work/Life Balance:

From sunrise to sunset, contractors are known for working their tail off. Showing a work/life balance helps to humanize your brand and connect with people in their own struggle to find the balance.

11. Food

Food posts are the most shared posts on social media. Share photos of your team lunches or when you have a special dessert brought in to celebrate a retirement. I know, you’re wondering how this helps your business. Social media is all about showing the human side of your business. Studies show it makes you more likable and trustworthy.

12. Share A Picture of Your First Office and Staff

People love to see where you came from, especially if your company is over 50 years old. Pictures from the 1960s and before have an engagement rate and share ratio significantly higher than other types of posts.

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