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About South Point Equity

“I just didn’t know where to turn to get the funds we needed.”

This is a common theme that we hear from most businesses we come into contact.


You've worked hard to make your business a success, and you know you could achieve even more if you had easier access to capital. Whether it's money for expansion, new equipment, increased inventory, payroll, more staff or increased marketing, nearly every business can benefit from additional financing. South Point Equity was formed for the purpose of arranging business financing for those small businesses that the banks left behind.

Banks are always going to be an excellent source of business financing but when your unique business runs into a challenge obtaining financing, seek out the services of a specialist in alternative financing sources. 

We are committed to communicating openly and honestly to our clients throughout the funding process, while we educate and empower our clients so that they can make informed financing decisions for their company. We believe in providing our clients with complete transparency throughout the funding process, and we take pride in steering our clients towards the healthiest and most responsible commercial financing solutions.

Our mission is to help business owners achieve their dreams

We do this by helping them access working capital when traditional lending is not available. We work with small businesses from almost every industry, and recognize that each one has its own unique need for working capital. Your terms are always tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The firm is committed to increasing small business access to credit, delivering complete and transparent information, and respecting our clients. We understand that working with an alternative lender can cause uncertainty, which is why we are 100% dedicated to confidentiality and providing a fast and secure lending process.

Working together, we can help your business thrive and prosper. Integrity, honesty, hard work and attention to detail are what we give to each and every client and business partner. 

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